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I want you to keep in mind that proper videos can both help you to reach a whole new set of potential clients AND work to strengthen the relationships that you’ve already developed. You decide.

Absolutely, but what will that cost in terms of time away from your actual business? Consider whether you want to spend time and money on gear and figuring it out or if you will be better off hiring a professional.

We do not offer a one size fit all approach. In other words, you can feel confident in knowing that our personalized More than Content method and implementation guide is designed specifically to help businesses just like yours maintain success with video.

We specialize in strategic brand story videos, short documentaries (about your business or specific product), cinematic commercials and testimonials.

Our prices vary from project to project depending on specific needs. More information can be found here.

You will get your video back for review within 72 hours.

We are much more than just a video production company. At DymeDigital Media we envision concepts and strategies for video assets that will help your business attract new clients and grow for years to come.

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