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Face it, live streaming will soon be a part of our daily lives. And we as business owners must stay ahead of the curve if we wish to continue to thrive instead of just survive.

Benefits of Live Streaming

  • Able to connect with your consumers in real time while having the flexibility to build from your comfort zone. 
  • Interact with your clients and consumers in real time — gain real time feedback.
  • Cost virtually nothing to get started with live streaming.

Live Streaming Best Practices

  • Remain consistent in your showings. Do what you say you’re going to do.  Consider your live stream show to be similar to those that you watch on television. Build a routine with your tribe.
  • Maintain engagement while you’re streaming if at all possible. This may be something to build to as you are running your shows, but make sure to get to your viewers as soon as possible.
  • Collaborate with and share your expertise with other networks. This allows for you to tap into your peer’s audience twice all while affording them that same opportunity. 

Quick Tips for Live Streaming

  • Use the rear camera on your cellphone if using it to stream. Typically the rear camera on cellphones are of higher quality than that on the front.
  • Stay away from confusing and distracting backgrounds. Simple is better.
  • Step away from your background when recording / shooting to avoid harsh shadows.
  • Proper lighting can level up your production like no other singular piece of equipment could. Use it to your advantage.
    • Sunlight is the best light because it is free and natural. However, its biggest drawback is that the constant moving of the earth will make its way onto your screen if you do not plan accordingly.
    • Avoid the silhouette effect by maintaining more light in your foreground than in your background.

Recap (Live streaming benefits, best practices & tips)

  • Live streaming does not eliminate face-to-face interactions with your consumers. Live streaming instead enhances the relationships that can be built.
  • Free to begin with equipment that is already owned.
  • Collaboration is imperative for growth.
  • Keep your face well-lit if you want to get those clicks. 

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