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In the past 3 months, we developed over 20 impactful videos for the Charlotte Area Chamber of Commerce.





Stand Out With A Professional Brand Story Video

Did you know that 91% of adults stated they would like to see more online videos from brands in 2023? With strategic video marketing you can give your prospects what they crave!

Create Meaningful Connections & Grow Your Charlotte Based Business With A Strategically Developed Brand Story Video

Marketing videos are not just videos; they’re your secret weapon when it comes to attracting more clients and transforming the way people see your business.

With marketing videos, you get to show off your skills, explain products and services in a way that’s easy for your clients to understand and earn their trust & confidence. More trust equals more appointments. 

If that’s not enough to convince you, by implementing strategic marketing videos you’ll also stand out from the competition, boost your online presence and create a strong, memorable brand identity.

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Tailored Solutions

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Client Centric Approach

[DymeDigital Media] really helped me reach more customers and present my business with the aesthetics I hoped for. I love the informational YouTube videos available that give answers to all the video production/podcast questions I have.”


B. Harris

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INCLUDED: Full-service production & editing

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BONUS: Receive a customized production plan

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BONUS: 30-sec clip for social media & ad campaigns

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Brand Story Video For Local Charlotte Business

We Understand Your Challenges and Provide Solutions

As industry-leading video producers, we specialize in strategically crafting your brand story video in a way that effectively communicate your brand story to captivate your audience. With our expertise, we help you overcome the challenges of engaging and converting potential customers, positioning you as a trusted authority in your market.

“Truly an honor to work with DymeDigital-Media! Their professionalism and turn around [time] is bar none. Very high quality! If you want to take your business to the next level I highly recommend working with DymeDigital!


J. Harris

CRWND w/ Excellence

Transforming Your Brand

Step 1: Consultation

We listen attentively to understand your unique story, brand values, and target audience. This allows us to develop a highly strategic production plan tailored specifically to your business goals.

Step 2: Production

Our expert team utilizes top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to capture and craft your brand story video. We transform raw footage into a visually stunning and emotionally captivating brand story video.

Step 3: Implementation

Seamlessly integrate your brand story video into your current video marketing plan, creating a powerful asset that drives engagement and conversions. Witness the positive results as your brand story resonates with your audience, propelling your business forward.

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Let the Numbers Speak

What does that mean?

Don’t miss this EXCLUSIVE and TIME-SENSITIVE opportunity to supercharge your business! Embrace the power of video, elevate your brand’s presence, and captivate your audience with your brandy story video. Act now and secure this LIMITED-TIME offer available only to Charlotte Area Chamber of Commerce members.

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Take Your Business To The Next Level With A Brand Story Video!

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Why Add More Videos to Your Arsenal?

1️⃣ Testimonial Video: Boost credibility and trust with authentic customer stories that resonate with your audience. Gain a competitive edge by showcasing real experiences and positive feedback.

2️⃣ Social Media Promo: Drive engagement and expand your reach across social platforms. Our captivating social media promos are specifically designed to grab attention, increase shares, and spark conversations.

3️⃣ Explainer Video: Simplify complex concepts and highlight the unique value of your products or services. An explainer video is an engaging way to educate your audience, increase understanding, and drive conversions.