Fitness video production for Gyms, Coaches & Athletic Brands

We are currently offering the Fitness Industry Standard Videos kit for fitness professionals that are looking to use video production and other digital content to increase their online presence, book new clients and save more time.

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Your Fitness Business Isn't Going to grow itself!

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You can build the business that you deserve!

We Help Fitness Professionals Just Like You to Strengthen Your Brands and Get More Bookings

I understand the anxiety that comes with not knowing when you will get your next client booking.

I know the pressure of having knowledge that can help others, but not being sure on how to get that message to the right people. 

For over 10 years we have helped businesses just like yours to take advantage of video production to build both their brands and client list.

You deserve to use your passion for health and wellness to help others to reach their fitness goals and we can’t wait to help.


Included in the Fitness Industry Standard Videos Kit

Fitness Business Card

This 1-2 minute video asset tells your brand's story in a way that connects.

Client's Testimonial

Show your potential clients you're the real deal and that you get real results!

Enjoy these Perks too!


One of a Kind!

Your customized video production plan guarantees that you are not being offered a cookie cutter solution.


Seamless Process

Take comfort in having a professional video crew. Your video production day will be as stress free as possible.


Generate Income

Your Fitness Industry Standard Videos kit includes assets specifically designed to last the duration of your business.


The Fitness Industry Standard Videos Kit

Step 1: Schedule Your ($249) FREE Consultation

We’ll speak over the phone or zoom so we can assess your goals and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Develop & Produce Your Fitness Video Production Package

We will develop a customized plan and produce your fitness video content. You will always know exactly where we are in the production process.

Step 3: Build Your Brand & Gain New Clients

You will finally be a trusted and sought after fitness authority. In this step you would have developed a hassle free system to help more people and earn more money.

Praises From Our Past Clients


"Attention to Details!"

“Love the creativity and attention to detail from DymeDigital. I would recommend to everyone 😁”
C. Bagget

"Take Your Business to the Next Level!"

"Truly an honor to work with DymeDigital-Media! Their professionalism and turn around [time] is bar none. Very high quality! If you want to take your business to the next level I highly recommend working with DymeDigital!"
J. Harris
CRWND w/ Excellence

"Reach More Customers!"

“They really helped me reach more customers and present my business with the aesthetics I hoped for. I love the informational YouTube videos available that give answers to all the video production/podcast questions I have.”
B. Harris
Moor Natural

This Special Fitness Video Bundle for Fitness Leaders Includes

Fitness Business Card

You’ll get a brand story video that connects with your ideal consumers, resulting in more clients.

Testimonial Video

Use social proof to convert skeptical consumers into paying clients by showing them that you get results!

Customized Production Plan

Take pride in knowing that our action plan will be personalized just for you and that you are not being sold the same video as everyone else.

Personalized Implementation Guide

This personalize guide will show you EXACTLY how to use your video asset which will eliminate any guesswork on what to do next.

Dedicated Production Crew

Your goals are our top priority when we are developing your content. In other words, your asset will be produced right the first time. 

Fast Turnaround

Our team works hard to guarantee your project is completed in a timely fashion so that you can get in front of your consumers sooner.

Free Revisions

Your video assets will receive 2 rounds of free revisions to ensure you are happy with the final product.

Referral Incentives

You will receive a discount on your next project if someone you refer books with us. As a result, you can create more for less.

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